Unending Unveiling | Story by Sambuddha


Apocalypse, does that mean an end? What does an end mean in a multiverse of constant flux of deaths and creations?

Still, when it comes for us this time, when the veil is lifted, I want to be unveiled as well, from the layers of clothes and shame that I surround myself with. I want to be gentle to the line of affection hugging my waistline, softly telling me that though it’s an end, still you have unending love to receive.

I want to be the death - not the fearful, painful end that we all know is inevitable but never learn to love - but the friend and companion who will not ever leave, even if the end parts us.

I want to whisper in your ears, after the chaos of ending has subsided, when the chaos erupts and when a new order is in place, I am here, I am with you, I am alive, and you deserve it all.