MIDST OF MIST |  The Tree | Story by Nikki

Midst of Mist | The Tree

Judgement Day. Lightning, Earthquake, Brimstone, Fire!

It came crashing down and only a small group of people survived. There were no trees, no grass - everything burnt down - withered like corn. We needed to start over again. I was amongst a lot of pain, hurt & trauma. Crying, weeping, mourning babies, children and seniors. Weak hearts that eventually became strong. We made our way to the mountains in order to to rebuild and replant. A few people died along the way. The journey was a hard road to travel and a mighty long way to go. I became pregnant and in ten months, we built our colony. I was a leader a protector & a teacher and my days came to an end when I died during childbirth. Based on the spirituality in our world - dust to dust - I became one with nature. That soil manifested into a huge fucking tree. I am the tree.

Ten years later there was a myth about a young woman who led the people out of the city into the mountains and that’s how humanity survived. She is buried somewhere along the way. Few people make it back to that spot, but the ones that do come into contact with me are given guidance and strength to keep going. In the midst of the mist in the dark forest,  I am there - the spirit in the tree.