Post Script

I have been told that there are three very common sentiments people want to express to someone who has passed away: I love you, I forgive you, and I'm sorry. These are simple and powerful messages that can resonate with many people.

From my own experience with grieving, I have learned we can also have the impulse to communicate in ways that are deeply personal, and embedded in the specific moments, memories and details of our unique relationships.

The Post Script project seeks to bring to light some of the little -and big- things that get left unsaid when death comes between us, and honour and express these messages through public installation. The first Post Script project took place in Calgary 2014, and involved public installation at sites throughout the city, at the CommunityWise Resource Centre, and during the 2014 Equinox Vigil at Union Cemetery.


PS: Messages



Your spirit sits with me when I take moments to myself. Thank you for protecting me.



I always loved the fact that you were not a cute, polite, demure and docile woman. you were sarcastic and gutsy and loud. you had fire in the belly. you taught me that that was ok.

So in times when people try to tame me, I will think of you and roar.



You were my favorite...I miss you terribly.
Know I will be kind because you were, and I will remember to smile away the hard times and the tears because you knew it could always be worse and the tears make the salt of this life that much sweeter
All the best parts of me are because I got to know you...thanks just cant ever be enough
You are top o the shop, best of the best, and I love you forever from here



I always thought you were amazing and wanted to get to know you better, and I thought there would be a time in the future when we would get to know each other and maybe become close. Now I know the time is now.



I didn't always believe you, I'm not sure why. Now I believe you.



I thought you were beautiful, really beautiful. I never told you that.



I wish we got to spend more time together, laughing and living life with lightness in our heads and hearts.



I thought everyone loved their friends as much as we loved each other.

I never knew how lucky we were until you were gone.


Have something to express to a person who has passed away? Take part in a future Post Script installation by sharing your anonymous message using the space below.