Community Resources

Guide to Community Arts Funding | ArtBridges/ToilesDesArt | Canada Wide | 2015

The ArtBridges Guide to Community Arts Funding (currently in beta testing) is a free capacity-building support for arts organizations and individual artists who are researching funding sources in Canada. The newly-developed funding microsite is currently in beta testing.

ArtBridges Resource Portal | ArtBridges/ToilesDesArt | Canada Wide | 2014

The ArtBridges Resource Portal is a collection of free information resources for community artists. The goal of the collection is to support the flow of knowledge amongst community-engaged artists and artists involved in arts for social change initiatives. ArtBridges/ToileDesArt is a bilingual online hub for community-engaged arts across Canada.

Directory of Youth Facilitators | ArtReach/AVNU/Nia Centre | Toronto | 2014

In the youth organizing sector in Toronto, it is common for a small handful of facilitators to take on the majority of facilitation roles. Art of Facilitation is a collaborative program run by ArtReach and Nia Centre to provide training for a new generation of emerging facilitators. The Directory of Youth Facilitators was created to help connect emerging facilitators with opportunities to develop their skills, and increased exposure within the youth arts and youth organizing communities.

Arts & Equity Toolkit | Toronto Arts Foundation/Neighbourhood Arts Network | Toronto | 2012

The Arts & Equity Toolkit was created to bring to attention to some of the groundbreaking ways in which groups in Toronto are addressing equity through the arts. This toolkit was created in collaboration with many community arts practitioners across Toronto, and brilliantly insightful researcher Leah Burns.

Directory of Arts Spaces in North York | Toronto Arts Foundation/Neighbourhood Arts Network | Toronto | 2011

It is an ongoing challenge for many arts organizations in Toronto to access affordable space for rehearsal, performance, meetings, and artistic development work. This directory was created to share information about the availability of spaces for the arts in North York.